The red cedar used is the same that is used in cedar  chests and cedar closet linings   
Red Cedar Log Siding, Pine Log Siding, lumber, Pine , Oak & Cedar Flooring,  Interior Wood Panel red cedar & yellow
pine, and peeled yellow pine poles/logs, hardwood flooring .
Red cedar logs at the sawmill
Silver Creek  in Southeast Oklahoma is family owned and operated.
We started out as a  local  business and now our product is transported all over the U.S.
We no longer sell green rough sawn wood.   Our products are kiln dried and run through a planer/moulder .
We manufacture red cedar siding, lumber, beaded ceiling, interior wood, & flooring and wood accessories for
construction,  yellow pine is also available.
Products manufactured are  1"x 6" red cedar and pine log siding, 1" x 6" V-groove tongue & groove  interior
wood panels in red cedar and knotty yellow pine.  Tongue and groove flooring is available in red cedar, yellow
pine.  1x6 & 1x4 S4S cedar and pine. Also available in 1x6 beaded ceiling
NEW PRODUCT:  1"x5" aromatic red cedar T&G V-groove.
Red cedar logs on the
mill yard.
Lumber & siding for sale..
Exterior and interior
Red cedar lumber
Red Cedar Stair rails, post
and beams and pine walls
and ceiling
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Red Cedar 1x6  
Beaded Ceiling
End view of 1 x 6
cedar flooring
Silver Creek is located in Battiest, Oklahoma in Southeast Oklahoma.  We are approximately 3
1/2 hours from Dallas, TX, 4 hours from Oklahoma City, OK, 3 1/2 hours from Tulsa, OK, 2  
hours from Ft. Smith, AR and 2 1/2 hoursTexarkana, TX

We also ship by FedEx Freight and Southeast Freight Line.
Red cedar inlaid flooring
southwest design
Red cedar 1x6 interior with
red cedar inlaid flooring.
Red Cedar Lumber
and Pine

Silver Creek
In Southeast Oklahoma

Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar ,Yellow Pine.
Log siding,  flooring, tongue & groove V-groove, center v match, S4S trim.
Now available hardwood flooring.
1x6 cedar log siding
1x6 red cedar t&g v-groove
1x6 knotty pine t&g
1x6 knotty yellow pine t&g v-groove
1x6 red cedar T&G
v-groove walls
1x6 T&G v-groove red
cedar walls and 1x6
T&G v-groove yellow
pine ceiling
1x6 red cedar more
1x6 red cedar log siding
Red cedar 1x6 log
siding and trim
Red cedar 1x6 log
siding and trim
1x6 Red cedar log siding
end view
red cedar 1x6 log siding
knotty yellow pine 1x6 T&G v-groove
center V match
1x6  knotty yellow pine
log siding (interior use)
Blue pine 1 x 6 log siding
Blue pine 1x6 T&G V groove
All photos are property of Doug and Sue Hicks.
NEW PRODUCT:  1x5 aromatic red
cedar T&G  V-groove